Three DIY anti-inflammatory body butters to kickstart your #selfcaresunday routine

Sundays are for taking care of yourself to help you get ready for a positive and productive work week.

Here are three affordable DIY topical anti-inflammatory body butters we love that will help you conquer your Monday in good stride.

 Turmeric Body Cream Ingredients ©  2016, Kristy Collins Jackson,

 Turmeric Body Cream Ingredients © 2016, Kristy Collins Jackson,

1. Turmeric Body Cream

This simple, four-ingredient-based body cream is packed with antioxidants to help you tackle dry skin and inflammation. The vitamin a in turmeric helps repair tissue and boost white blood cell count, while the vitamin e found in it is a potent antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties.

Turmeric, which is traditionally used in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, has been shown to prevent joint inflammation, according to a 2006 study by the Arthritis Foundation of America

Hormone Balancing PMS Balm Ingredients ©  2018,

Hormone Balancing PMS Balm Ingredients © 2018,

2. DIY Hormone Balancing PMS Balm

Whether you're menstruating or not, this five-ingredient body balm works to regulate your hormones and reduce symptoms like headache, nausea, bloating, irritability and depression. 

The raspberry leaves in the balm are packed with many vitamins and nutrients like potassium, iron, vitamins c, b and e, along with antioxidants and alkaloids. Also, raspberry leaves are shown to strengthen uterine muscles.

The drops of evening primrose oil can reduce breast and pelvic pain, while the peppermint oil aids in digestion and can reduce nausea, vomiting and cramps.

Whipped Magnesium Body Butter ©  2016,  

Whipped Magnesium Body Butter © 2016, 

3. Whipped Magnesium Body Butter for Muscle Pain

This five-ingredient coconut-and-shea-based body butter contains magnesium oil, which combats stress and can reduce premenstrual symptoms.

Combined with Vitamin B6, magnesium can help relieve insomnia, bloating and breast tenderness. The jojoba oil in the butter works to thoroughly hydrate the skin, while the peppermint oil combats muscle pain and inflammation.