Improving gynaecological care


Diagnostic Support

Using a unique machine learning algorithm, your symptoms are compared to a dataset created by our users, giving you a suggestion on what condition you could have.


Hard Evidence

Over time, Endometrix will be able to intelligently detect correlations between symptoms and treatments. This information is then graphed, therefore providing concrete evidence that you can show your doctor to receive effective and appropriate treatment faster than ever before.


Holistic Approach

Endometrix enables you to track symptoms and treatment, helping you to build a baseline profile. Additionally, you can input non-pharmacological interventions like mindfulness, diet and yoga - showing you which of your holistic approaches work and which don’t.


Help Us Help You

Because our app is currently under development, we are continuously looking for ways to improve. It only takes 12 minutes to complete our survey. The information you provide us with today helps us build a better product for you and our community of users who strive to receive the best care tomorrow.

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