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700 Different Insights. One Common Goal.

Our drive to set out and gather more than 700 individual experiences stemmed from one common goal: to help people on a larger scale. Specifically, we wanted to find ways to validate women’s under-recognised illnesses by providing adequate, accessible and individualised healthcare through the use of technology.

From years of working in healthcare, to witnessing loved ones struggle to receive proper gynaecological care, we felt obligated to create an innovative solution for an often slow-moving, conservative industry.

We based this solution off of our conversations with girls and women, close friends and family, and strangers and volunteers about their personal experiences with endometriosis and other similar conditions.

At the time, our final destination was unclear, but we immediately recognised that these girls and women weren’t receiving enough support. From lack of validation to awareness, choices and treatment, we understood that these women needed a tailor-made solution to help ease the physical and emotional tolls caused by inadequate gynaecological care.

From this foundational knowledge, Endometrix was born.

Like our app, we as a company are dedicated to personalised, accessible and secure care while remaining adaptive to the latest trends in healthcare technology. We are constantly looking for ways to improve, while keeping our foundation of inspiring all girls and women through choice and collaboration at the core of our operations.


“Do not undermine the power of women turning to one another to share their knowledge and emotions with each other. Endometrix was born with this connective mindset. Our vision is that every woman receives adequate care by sharing their experiences and progress with one another.”

Moa Felicia Linder, Co-Founder


“I had an incredible six years helping people working as a registered nurse, but there came a point where I wanted to be able to help people on a larger scale. Ultimately, to provide people with easier access to adequate care. I hope to achieve just that through Endometrix.”

Mitchell Isakka, Co-Founder


“I was told, the only time you look at what someone else has is to see if they have enough. I looked, and found that there wasn’t enough; there has been unequal treatment, unequal pay and unequal care for women. Through Endometrix, I want to change at least one of those things.”

Sushrut Shastri, Co-Founder